• Lee, Tae Soon/ 72 years old
  • When we took turns sharingr our happy and challenging times, my troubles suddenly seemed vain.
    Feeling sympathy for each other comforted and united us.
    I urgently feel felt that my true self wais strong and unforgiving.
    While writing the 'will,' it was hard to resist the temptation to feel ashamed, even though I tried not to behave badly or make excuses until the moment of death.
    How could I experience 'being without myself'.....?
    I know it was my own doing, but I wanted to give myself another chance, so I participated in this experience, and what I realized was own true self.
    The truly important thing I discovered wasis my true self, so I decided on three resolutions.
    To devote myself to pray continuously for the 'real me'.
    To do good deeds.
    To try to let go of my attachments.
    By following these resolutions, I get to live beautifully, with beautiful memories of this life, and have a grateful mind for everything."
  • Kim, Seong Min/ 61 years old
  • "I did not give the near-death experience much thought when I first heard about it.
    My first son was heartbroken sat the time, so my wife told me to go with him, but I was reluctant to participate.
    But I now realize that I made a very good decision to come here and participate in the program.
    It was a refreshing shock to go into the coffin after writing the will, even though it was simulated.
    I've never cried so much before in my life as when I wrote the will.
    My life, full of love and hatred, passed before me in a flash.
    The part of my will which I wrote about my son, who was also participating, made me cry especially hard.
    I cried tears of regret that I cannot even describe.
    I decided to live my life with a new mind.
    Since love alone had not been enough with for my family, I decided to live from then on with love and forgiveness.
    I realized that love and forgiveness is what keeps families together.
    From now on, I am going to live my life for us and for others, selflessly.
    From now on, I am going to seek the truth more often.
    I am going to contemplate my life and revise my will whenever it is necessary."
  • Hwang, Jung Hwa / 53years old
  • Even though my hatred and dissatisfaction toward my husband was deep-seated, and I showed it regardless of time and place.
    I realized that the person who made me upset also made me the happiest.
    At this moment, there is nothing that I am attached to.
    I recognize that my reasons for existence go beyond myself. After all, even my own child is not my own, he came to this life by a connection from the past.
    I meditate on how to once again live.
  • Park, Yong Chul /45 years old
  • Not long ago, I ended my career of 10 years to go in an entirely new direction.
    It required a lot of courage, to start a whole new career and it was a big change from the area in which I'd been working for a while.
    That is why I had a hard time deciding to make the transition and had a lot of anxiety about my new career even though I had debated about it for so long.
    I heard about the training program through an associate around this time, so I signed up.
    The near-death experience was a precious experience which made me glow.
    I cried constantly while thinking about my family and my father who passed away 3 years ago.
    I heard people weeping quietly. I was more sorry about my family than fearful of death, and I realized I had so much good still left to do.
    Early in the morning, on my way home after the training, I felt that the anxiety, hatred, and resentment that I had held inside had been lifted from me.
    By nature I am mall, but my capacity to hurt others is big.......
    After this training program, I feel like I can clear my mind and rid myself of hateful thoughts.
  • Yu, Eun Jeong / 45 years old
  • July 8th, 2006 is, the day I died and started my second life.
    It marks the beginning of my true life.
    I am going to live a loving life so that I can serve myself and others in harmony with the universe.
    I want to thank the creators of this valuable program.
  • Han, Ji Hoon/ 35years old
  • It was time to contemplate myself and my life.
    I especially appreciated the coordinators who stayed with us all night to help us get prepared.
    It was sobering to recognize our narrow-mindedness and stupidity.
    I felt overwhelmed even though I tried to be calm.
    Sadly, I was not the only one who was tormented and felt such anguish.
    The nNear-death experience was such a precious thingvaluable experience.
    Above all, I appreciated the fact that I wrote the will and cried for no reason, and changed the direction of my life.
    I have discovered a new passion for life while observing the others.
    Even though this feeling might not last, I am going to try to live an independent life and learn from this experience.
    When I was instructed to write my will, it reallyI felt like death was not far away.
    From that point, I realized that it was pointless to hate, blame and obsess.
    I set myself free!
    I did realize how much I could change once I was released from greed and stupidity.
    I would like to recommend this program to everyone.
    so that their lives can be enriched by having an experience similar to mine.
  • Shin, Ji Seon/ 26 years old
  • Since my mother died, my days have lacked direction.
    I wanted to experience death and fill the empty spotfill the void of my mother, so I tried the NDE.
    I journeyed through my memory to look back at my life and ask questions such as what kind of life I've lived, and what has made me happy or anxious.
    Most importantly I shared experiences with other participants that I'd never met and discovered that we had a lot in common.
    I was able to learn about and understand death, and feel the importance of living. As I wrote the will for the other people, I could not stop crying from the regret.
    I finally lay in the casket after putting on the shroud!
    I thought, 'after all, I came alone and will go alone. Being in this moment is so precious!'
    I was born again.
    I realized the value of living every moment and cherishing my mother's love, which I hold deep inside of me. I am now willing to live for my own happiness, and with passion.
    I will do my best to be full of happier and more pleasant memories in the next 'Beautiful Life' training.
    Thank you to the other participants and the coordinators.
    Be happy!
  • Kim, Jong Min / 18 years old
  • My mother forced me to participate in the program, which made me resistant to it.
    But the coordinators were kind to me, and I was curious about near-death experience, so I participated.
    When I wrote the will at first, I just copied the video I had seen before and wrote something like a letter of apology. But then I thought, I'm going to die in an hour,' and a lot of memories suddenly occurred to me.
    During the NDE, as I was going up the mountain after reading the casket vows, I felt like a ghost wandering the mountain and hoped someone would be surprised to see me.
    As laid in the coffin, it felt a lot smaller than I thought it would be.
    A lot of thoughts crossed my mind as I laid there:.
    Should I open my eyes or close them?....
    What if I had to live here for the rest of my life?.. Then what would happen?..
    I was so happy to stand on firm ground and see light when I got out of the casket.
    The stories I shared later that night were words of wisdom that I will never forget.
    For the first time, I realized that anyone experiencing anything honestly can say words of wisdom, not just great men.
    Laying in the coffin was especially meaningful to me.
    It was a good experience to help me value my life and manage my time well so that I can live without regret until the last moments of my life.
    My only disappointment was that my father couldn't come because he was too busy.
    I missed him when we sang family song or chants.
    Although I didn't choose to come here on my own, I am going to remember this as a major life event.