An Introduction to the Training

What have you learned from your life?
What will you wish for in the last moments of your life?
What do you want to do before you die?

  • By experiencing and becoming aware of death, youone can appreciate and have a fresh outlook on the beauty of life.
  • The purpose of the Near-Death Experience (: NDE) training program, is to give participants an opportunity to reflect on
    their their past and present lives, and to enable them to redesign their future so that they can becomebecome new people a new person.
  • Participants in the NDE program will experience the following transformations:.
  • Firstparticipants will discover theirir true infinite existence.
  • Second participants will reflect on their past and their present, view their lives from a panoramic perspectivea, and will reevaluate their lives as a whole.
  • Third participants' views of life will become connected to a greater universal consciousness.