First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

We live in a life's whirlwind, with little time to discern the value of things, and are so busy that we can't determine what we are doing with our lives.
I am saddened that we do not have time for introspection in our busy and difficult lives.
Every new year, we are determined to fulfill the plans that we make.
Like everything in the world, it is difficult to turn your dreams into a reality.
So, there are more people who have sadness than joy and more people who are in trouble than well off.
When times are hard like these ones, I think personal connections are very important.
It seems to me that all stories start this way.

So sages indicated that brushing past a person is a person's karma.
Everybody is born as individuals and but we life in an interconnected
world of relationships, including to our parents who made us.
But we don't value these connections enough and we shamelessly live with negativity and grief.
Then one day, our values collapse and we forget aboutd the relationships around us and want to throw our lives away.
Although it's a living creature, it's not that we can't decide and do on our own.
We should think of all connections as related, like web throughoutin the universe.
You have probably never had the time to seriously reflect on your past or to shed light on your future.
But, this time you will look back at your past life through the lens of a 'Beautiful Life' as you sort through your important connections and introspect on life and death.
After that, you will be reborn and have a new life on earth, existing in lightness in the span of the universe.

So far most of the trainees who have gone through the experience have shared the thought, 'What have I done so far with my life? I felt so sad, but I eventually feltel
grateful for the nobility of life and the connection and I also think that I can live the rest of my life faithfully.'

We should remember to be always be grateful for the gift of life and thankful for all of our interpersonal connections.
We should rid ourselves of our ars and free our mind as we get to know death correctly.
I finish my greeting with the hope that you will be released from the weight that you carry with you here and will be born into a new life.

Thank you.

- gi-ho Kim, Training Center Director