A Soldier's Story

  • A soldier's dead body had strangely not decomposed after ten days when the soldiers' bodies were being taken away.
  • People brought the body home and put it on a pile of firewood to
    cremate it for the soldier's funeral but, at that very moment,
    the soldier revived.
  • The revived soldier described in detail what he had seen while at the edge of life and death.

This example of a soldier from Pamphylia who died at war and came back to life after having a near-death experience, is recorded in the
Plato's book, <The Republic>.

People who have had near-death experiences testify to having witnessed the same phenomenon. They see their family,
doctors, nurses, etc., around their dead body,
which is surrounded by light.

In his book, "Life after Llife", Raymond A. Moody, a researcher of near-death experiences, discusses people's near- death experiences and the similarities among them.

  • He found that people who have experienced death drastically change their attitudes toward their lives.

  • They opt for living in a manner that pursues truth and happiness. By changing their ideas about life, they become connected to a deeper understanding that enables them to
    live with love and understanding. They seek out truth and are able to share their lives with others.
  • In addition, those who have experienced near-death experiences are not afraid of death anymore and are aware of what they want to do with their lives. They develop a higher level of consciousness.