The Purpose of the Training

The purpose of the training is to contrast life with death.
- time is limited and life is short, so you should learn to live in the moment.

Near-Death Experience : The NDE is a program that allows you to confront death:.

  • First by helping you to understanding death, it gives you a fresh outlook on life's beauty.
  • Second it offers you an opportunity to define a new existence for yourself.
  • Third by confronting death, it allows you to cultivate and nurture peace in your life. .

The best way to die is to have lived the good life.

  • Living the good life, means living with compassion and love for other peoples during one's_ lifetime. This begins from the realization that everything in the universe is connected.
  • People spend millions on the making of arms, weapons, and warfare, but do not spend a single cent_ investing in discovering the true nature of man the reasons underlying fundamental human problems.
  • If your life is full of violence or negative emotions-, such as anger, greed, or fear, then you will have difficulty dyingi peacefully. However, if you confront death, you will be able to change your life's perspective and the way that you live.
  • In other words, if you would like a peaceful death, then cultivate peace in your mind and in your life.